5-1/2 lbs. of inspiration

We celebrated Christmas with my family early this year and I received a gift from my parents that I will cherish forever. My mom, along with the help of my dad, put together a cookbook of her favorite recipes. I’ve been stuck in a rut feeling unfulfilled at my job and struggling to stay inspired when the windchill is -10 and the sky is dark at 4:30 PM. This gift was just what I need to get inspired!

Mom's Recipe Book

I am not doing it justice by calling it a cookbook because after reading it I had tears in my eyes and quickly realized the importance of food and family. Weighing in at 5-1/2 pounds (no joke, I put it on the scale) this book is the world of food through the eyes of my mother.

Family Dinners

Not only are there recipes but also included is a glossary of contributors along with a brief history of the recipe or a story associated with it.


I am familiar with most of the recipes but there are some I have yet to try. The recipes are timeless and reflect my mom’s eye for great food and her love of family and friends. I look forward to sharing these recipes all of you. Thanks so much Mom and Dad!

Dear Kids...

Do you have a favorite family recipe or food memory? Share it in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your story.

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  1. Oh Annie! This is so precious! Not only is it your mom’s legacy in one beautiful book…but it is extremely handy!!! I remember countless nights sitting in your mom’s kitchen making desserts. I think that’s all we ever were in the mood for. I also remember your seasoned chicken and easy salad dressing we’d use while watching the Olympics. Such good memories!

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