John Daly

This is my go-to beverage for summer parties. A John Daly is nothing more than an Arnold Palmer with vodka. What makes this version a bit different from others is the higher ratio of tea to lemonade. Omit the vodka in the recipe below for a non-alcoholic version of this refreshing drink.

Whether you are spending the day on a boat, sitting in your backyard or tearing it up at your neighborhood block party, this is a big crowd pleaser and easy to scale from 1 – 100 people.

Mise en place

NOTE: quantities of each ingredient will vary depending on how many people you are serving. One might define a “part” as a shot glass for an individual cocktail, or a “part” could be defined as a quart (4 cups) for a crowd. Simply replace “part” with any volume measurement.

  • 1 part fresh squeezed or chilled lemonade (look in the refrigerated section, not the center shelves of the store)
  • 1 part vodka
  • 3 parts high quality unsweetened black tea
  • juice from fresh lemon or sliced lemons (optional but really delicious addition)


  1. Mix everything together and chill over night if possible. If you can’t wait that long, no big deal.
  2. pour over ice
  3. sit back, relax and enjoy!


  • Use quality ingredients. I prefer Trader Joe’s Tejava unsweetened black tea and a good quality, refrigerated lemonade . Other brands such as Simply Lemonade and Pure Leaf/Golden Peak/Honest teas are also good.
  • When making for a crowd I like to buy gallons of water, drink the water and save the gallon jugs. I’ll mix it and pour it into the gallon jugs. They fit nicely in a cooler, are easy to pour from and you don’t have to worry about bringing the container home.
  • Label your beverage! This is a very important step to insure the kiddos or anyone else wanting to avoid alcohol doesn’t think it is juice.
  • On the above note, make a version without vodka for others to enjoy. It is a thoughtful and inclusive gesture as a host(ess)

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